A BMM Matrimonial Initiative for Maharashtrians in North America

Q 1

Is my information secure?

A 1.

Yes, your information will not be used by BMM for any other commercial or social purposes. Kindly read the disclaimer and give your consent before payment/registration.

Q 2

Who will be able to access my profile?

A 2.

Users will have access only to their own profile after logging in with valid credentials.

Q 3

Who will be able to view my profile?

A 3.

Paid subscribers who meet the criteria considering the exclusions you have defined under Partner Preference - Hide my profile from, can view your profile. Search functonality will be available from 1st March, 2021.

Q 4

Which attributes cannot be changed/edited in Update/Edit Profile?

A 4.

You can edit most of the information in your profile, but you cannot change/edit Gender, Marital Status, and Looking For. To change these fields, please write to, providing a valid reason for the change.

Q 5

Who is eligible for membership/subscription?

A 5.

A person of Maharashtrian/Marathi origin, living in North America, is eligible for membership. If Vadhu/Var or at least one of their parents or grand parents are from Maharashtra, or if they simply love Marathi language, culture, and traditions, then they would meet the criteria to become a member of Reshimgathee.

Q 6

What is the validity of a candidate’s information?

A 6.

BMM is not responsible for checking the accuracy of the information filled in by the candidate. Please do your due diligence. (for example, asking for references).

Q 7

Will my Profile be searchable online on any search engine?

A 7.

Under normal circumstances, it will not be discoverable in search engines, but if you have mentioned your name in your profile-about me section, then there are chances of Profile being discoverable in search engines via full name.

Q 8

I am currently on H1B visa but have applied for green card. Which visa status should I choose?

A 8.

State your current visa and add additional information in the comment section.

Q 9

Can I register for my son/daughter?

A 9.

Yes, but it is highly encouraged for the 'bride to be' or the 'groom to be' to take an active interest.


How do I report abuse?


Please use the Contact tab to report abuse with specific examples.


Can I temporarily hide my profile?


Yes, you can. To hide your Profile, click the Hide Profile Checkbox in your Update Profile section.


What if the person I contacted does not reply?


Kindly respect their privacy. Even though we expect a mature response from each of the candidate, some situations may not allow them to move further. Please do not pursue the lead further.


Do I need to set up a new email account for the matrimonial purpose?


It is up to you.


What is the subscription fee? Is it refundable?


Subscription fee of $60 per year for unlimited profile search and contacts and the fee is non-refundable.


Is fee for a meet up included in the web portal subscription?


No, there is a separate registration fee for every meet up which has its own cost.


Do you have an App for Reshimgathee?


We are in process of building an app. We will notify you once the work is completed.


What happens when my account is deleted?


All your data is deleted from BMM database.


What happens when my subscription period is over?


You will get a renew email 30 days before your Reshimgathee yearly subscription expires. You will have 60 days’ time to renew the same. You can log in to your account and pay the dues but will not be able to search for a partner. After 60 days your data will be deleted along with your profile from the website.


Do we inform Reshimgathee if we find our soul mate using this website?


Yes! Please let the Reshimgathee team know if you tied a knot with your soul mate via Reshimgathee website. We would love to feature you on our Home page under 'We tied Reshimgathee'.


How do I reach Reshimgathee Support team?


For any queries and concerns, you can reach our support team at